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10 Easy Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

I’m a mom of two children and I understand stress! I also struggle with a lot of anxiety.

Yoga is one of my favorite ways to physically release stress.

In addition to just making you feel better emotionally and mentally, stress relief is important for weight loss. When you are stressed out it can be very difficult to lose weight and fat!

10 easy yoga poses for stress relief and anxiety for beginners

These 10 yoga poses are my favorite for stress and anxiety and they are all easy to do! I hope they are something different than your average pose list to give you more variety!

(If you’re interested in getting a nice yoga mat head over to my resources page for my suggestions!)


This is my absolute favorite pose! When I’m stressed, anxious, or tired this pose gives me relief and energy! It is a simple pose to do and one that I feel is way underrated and not talked about near enough!

I couldn’t find a video explanation so to summarize, stand tall with feet close together. With hands overhead, clasp your hands with your pointer fingers pointing straight up. Push your fingers straight up toward the ceiling then lean to your right taking a big inhale and feeling the stretch in your left side. Keep your feet even on the ground. Take several deep breaths then coming through the center repeat leaning toward your left.

Breathe deeply into this side stretch and elongate your body! Close your eyes and smile =)

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2. Clasped hands

This is an aspect of multiple poses but I wanted to include it because I love using clasped hands to open my chest and help the stress melt away.

Many of us spend time hunched over at a computer or desk, holding children, and, if you struggle with anxiety you may hunch as a way of feeling protected from others – opening the chest is opposing these tendencies and a very healthy way of combatting the stress-inducing hunched posture.

In this video from eHow Fitness, you can see how to incorporate clasped hands into child’s pose as the easiest way and other poses as well if you want more options! I prefer a version of camel pose with clasped hands rather than the full expression of that pose.

3. Pigeon Pose

Pigeon pose is wonderful for opening your hips! Be sure to breathe into this stretch and only go as far as your body allows. Do not force this stretch!

Focus on your breath and enjoy the stress relief this pose brings! Check out Adriene’s Youtube channel here!

4. Lizard Pose

Lizard pose is great for your hips! It is a little more advanced than the previous poses we have looked at but it is still simple to do. Focus on taking deep breaths during this pose! Here is a great tutorial by Adriene again! She is one of my favorite Youtube Yogis!

5. Forward Fold

If you’ve tried yoga before you’ve probably done this pose but in this video from Adriene again, you will see the option to grab opposite elbows and that is my favorite way to use this pose for stress relief.

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Just release your head down between your arms and breathe!


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6. Wide Leg Forward Fold

Another variation of a forward fold is wide-legged forward fold. This one is wonderful for opening your hips which tend to be tight!

I love this version from Adriene, try it out and let me know what you think!

7. 3 legged downward dog with open hip

This variation of downward dog can be a little more of a challenge at first but when you open your hip by bending your knee it feels amazing! Try to ease into this one, keep the knees soft, breathe, push your head through your shoulders and enjoy this stretch!

Check out the video by Maria De Noda here!

8. Upward Salute

This is perhaps the most basic of all yoga poses but when you look up, stretch your arms above you and breathe into upward salute, you will feel the stress and anxiety melt away!

Check out thevideo from Evoke Today here!

9. Wild Thing Pose

Wild Thing is SUCH a fun pose!

It is slightly more challenging than your average pose but worth the patience it takes to learn! This pose opens your chest and feels freeing! Check it out on the Alo Yoga Youtube channel and let me know if you enjoy it!

10. Cobbler’s Pose

My final pose in this article is cobbler’s pose! If you can’t tell, I love both hip openers and chest openers and there is a reason for that, these poses provide amazing stress relief!

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In addition to the traditional version of this pose shown here by Candace (Another favorite Youtube yogi!) I love doing cobbler’s pose lying on my back! Simply lay on your back and bring your feet together allowing your knees to fall out! Breathe!

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Thank you for checking out this article on relieving stress through yoga! Please leave a comment and let me know if you tried them! And just a reminder, if you’re interested in getting a nice yoga mat head over to my resources page for my suggestions!

Let me know what your favorite yoga poses are and share with your friends if you found this helpful! XOXO