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I live with 2 toddlers, my sons. It’s safe to say I’ve learned which toys they play with and which toys they couldn’t care less about. And I know that nobody needs more toys lying around if they aren’t being played with. So I wanted to offer you the perfect gift guide for all the little boy toddlers in your life!

If you are unsure about which toys will make a toddler happy keep on reading!

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1. Tonka

The ever classic Tonka is a great option! My husband played with them when he was a kid and my sons LOVE Tonka trucks!

2. Cars

If there is anything my 2-year-old son loves, it is hot wheels. But what he really loves are the Die-cast Cars from the movie Cars. We are slowly collecting them all! He adores Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, and Jackson Storm. He loves saying the names of all the cars and I think it’s adorable when I hear him talking about them. He carries one or two in each hand everywhere he goes!

He is also obsessed with Mac. So we are planning on getting him the Mac car carrier!

3. Kids’ Rug City Map

This Road Map Rug is useful and fun to play with. We’ve tried an assortment of car tracks and sometimes we slap some good ol’ duct tape on the floor as a road. But one thing the boys need in their room is a rug. I love that this rug has the road to play with cars as well!

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4. Fisher Price Little People Take Turns Skyway

This one toy gets played with more than anything else in our house! Except my boys put their hot wheels on it instead of the Little People cars that come with it. Both my 15-month-old and my 2.5-year-old LOVE it and they play well together with this toy track!

5. Little Tikes Cozy Truck Ride-On with removable floorboard

The only thing bad about this truck is that my son refuses to share it! Fights break out among toddlers with this truck! Haha! I love the removable floorboard because if you’ve ever experienced a younger toddler in one of these Little Tikes you know they haven’t learned to lift their little feet and some sad tears can happen if they get caught!

6. Little Tikes Waffle Blocks Steam Train

We tried the wooden train sets and a train table but my 15 month-old destroys my 2-year-old’s tracks. They both climb on top of the table. It drives me crazy. But my two-year-old loves to build and these waffle blocks are sturdy! This is the perfect alternative! I played with waffle blocks growing up, my parents kept them and the grandkids play with them now! They are a classic!

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7. Baby Signing Time DVDs

These are more for a younger audience like my 15-month-old. We adore Baby signing time and I LOVE being able to communicate with my babies and toddlers through sign. My 2-year-old still signs a lot and sings along with the DVD. He also is very good at talking so don’t worry about that!

8. PJ Masks Diecast vehicles

Along the lines of Hot Wheels, my son loves these little PJ Masks Diecast vehicles. He collects them all and carries them around!

9. Balance Bike

If you haven’t jumped on the Balance Bike trend you are missing out. My son adores his bike and is learning to ride without training wheels! Once he grows into pedals we will pass this on to our younger toddler at 18 months! Don’t forget a helmet!

10. Paw Patrol Anything

My toddlers love Paw Patrol and so do I! This show is so cute. So basically anything Paw Patrol is a hit!

#1 Bonus! (Because I remembered after I posted this. Haha!)

Both of my boys love playing with dollhouses and we have the Little People Dollhouse!

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#2 Bonus! Stroller Trike

Both of my boys love this! Our model has been retired but is virtually the same as this one. We love to go on family walks and we have gotten a ton of use out of this trike. We’ve passed it down to our 15 month-old but our 2-year-old still loves it. You can turn it as you push it like a stroller. Remove the stroller function once your child is old enough to use the pedals. There is a platform for their feet and a basket for your goodies. You can remove the annoying sun visor. The child can be in control of pedals and steering once they are old enough. It really is very versatile. We love this trike.

#3 Bonus! (Because I really am that forgetful)

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home Playset

My 15-month-old and my 10-month-old nephew could play with this all day and never get bored. It is a WONDERFUL toy that doesn’t take up as much space as some of the little houses. They just LOVE opening and closing the door and the mailbox on this learning home playset!