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5 Important muscle groups you cannot ignore anymore! If you are stuck in a rut of squats and pushups let me give you some variety to your workouts! You may not even realize that many of these movements can help you reach your physique goals! They will also give you better posture and pain relief! Imagine sitting up taller at work and not having low back pain anymore!

Check out these 5 muscle groups and the best exercises to build your strength in these areas!

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1. Glutes

Your glute muscles are the muscles that make up your booty!

It’s no secret that training your booty in the gym is important but what are the best exercises? Here’s my top 3 and they do not include squats because, to be honest, I like all of these more for the glutes!

(Be sure to listen to the cues in the videos because there are many different ways to do these exercises and I specifically chose these videos because I agree with how they are teaching these movements.)


  • Deadlift

I’ll never stop proclaiming my love for deadlifts. Now, this video is also longer but if there’s anything you want to do correctly it is deadlifts. You can really get hurt if you don’t do them properly! If you feel it in your back, stop. Watch this video again and focus on the glutes and legs! People avoid deadlifts because they’re scared of them. But they are SUCH an important exercise! 

If you have to, just pay a personal trainer for one session to teach you these!

Record yourself so you can see if you are rounding your back. It really helps to see yourself on video.

2. Hamstrings

The hamstrings are the back of your legs. These exercises will help the appearance of your legs immensely!5 important muscles women ignore

Many glute exercises also activate your hamstrings and vice versa, but it is still important to isolate both of these muscle groups. Recently, training your posterior chain (the back of your body) became much more popular but I know it is still ignored by many. I get it, it’s easy to ignore what we can’t see, our backside. But training our backside will do wonders for our physique and will improve your posture and help decrease many different aches and pains!

This is another great exercise to film yourself to ensure you are doing it correctly. It can be done with a barbell as well. Focus on the back of your legs, your hamstrings!

I wanted to include an exercise for a gym with machines. I think the lying leg curl is a wonderful machine exercise for the hamstrings!

These work the glutes as well obviously. This is an advanced movement so for some, these can be really tricky to learn at first so don’t feel discouraged if this is the case for you! Grab a PVC pipe to give you assistance while you get used to them!

3. Core

Your core is your midsection, or torso.

A lot of people work their abs by doing crunch/situp type movements, but most people ignore the circumference of their core!

There are two important ways to train your core if you want a flat stomach and great posture.

First, do movements that resist extension like deadbugs.

Second, train your transverse abdominis (TVA), the deepest layers of your Abs.

Also, be sure to check out my post about how to get a smaller waist!

If you don’t feel this working take a video of yourself to ensure you aren’t squeezing your knees in toward your chest which will make it too easy. Push your low back into the ground and pause at the extension. Move Slowly!

This was the coach that taught me how to do this! It takes time to learn if you are a chest breather but this will change your life and help with stress!

4. Back

I think you know what your back is. It’s very important and when it is weak it can give you tons of pain!

This is the most neglected body part among women! It is vital to train your back if you want to stand up tall, look great in a tank top, and have a flat stomach. Nobody wants to hunch over all the time! Also, note that after pregnancy it is extremely difficult to stand up tall because pregnancy weakens the upper back, nursing causes us to hunch over, and holding babies also causes us to hunch!

Do NOT neglect your upper back! Take a side view picture of yourself and assess how much your posture needs improvement. Use these exercises to build a strong back so that you can stand tall!

If you have a barbell available this is my preferred row! Prepare to have a very strong back!

Pull-ups and Band Assisted Pull-ups

My favorite way to scale pull-ups is with bands! nothing feels stronger than pull yourself over the bar!

5. Delts

Your delts make up the muscles around your shoulders.

When striving for sculpted arms the biceps and triceps get all the attention but strong shoulders are key for arm definition!


Have fun with these exercises and be patient! Consistency is key!

5 important muscles women ignore