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The girl behind the blog!

Hi! I’m Jackie!

I am all about living a flourishing life. I’m learning to live every day to the fullest and I’m here to help you do the same.

The Beginning of my Fitness Journey

When I began “fitnessing” -not a word? Ok, but do you get what I mean? I thought so… Ok, when I began doing all the fitness things I was just graduating college and I had no idea it would become my career. I was just sick of feeling bad all the time. I had a terrible self-image and no confidence. I had zero energy, chronic back pain, stomach aches, and anxiety. I thought I had to run and eat salads to be fit and skinny, and I thought taking up less space was the ultimate goal.
I picked up The New Rules of Lifting for Women and followed the program in the back of the book for a year. It turns out you can still buy this book on Amazon! It has a special place in my heart because it was the beginning of life as I now know it. I didn’t do all of the moves right and started with the most babyest of weights but it was a start and it took courage! I had strangers correct my deadlift form multiple times.

Finding a Personal Trainer

After a year of this, I found a couple of coaches that I trusted and I cleaned their gym on the weekends so that I could afford their coaching. One of the coaches also blogged about body acceptance and I knew I wanted to teach other women the joys of lifting and finding confidence in being a strong and capable woman, rather than just exercising to be small.

Finding my Calling

That’s where my fitness journey took me, I became a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I interned under many coaches and trainers that I admired, and I pursued jobs at various gyms. Eventually, I found Crossfit and fell hard. I attended my┬áLevel 1 and got involved in a community of other fitness loving, wonderful people.

I have since discovered so much about pursuing my dreams and living a healthy life. It’s not simple and there is not a one size fits all approach and that’s why it’s so incredibly interesting! It hasn’t been all butterflies and rainbows. I’ve had some really bad jobs and some terrible schedules. I’ve been burnt out of being healthy and trying to motivate others to be healthy. But my love for fitness never leaves, it just evolves.

Lessons Learned

The lessons I’ve learned should be shared. Lessons like, sometimes you get burnt out on your health journey and fall back into eating double cheeseburgers and brownies and how to work through those feelings. Other lessons such as, I love working out so should I become a personal trainer and how do I even do that? What do I wear to an interview at a gym anyways? What is a 1099 and how do I pay my taxes? What happens when I decide I want to pursue new dreams and endeavors and how do I know the right paths to take?

More About me

My nickname as a kid was Joyful Jackie. I will never stop pursuing that joy and spreading it to those around me.
I’m a mom, a fitness professional that adores lifting weights, an adventure seeker, a standup paddleboarding fitness instructor, and a lifelong learner.
When I set out to do or buy something, I research hard. So hard. If I can help you pursue your dream by simplifying the process and saving you time and money, I will.
Let’s live a flourishing life, pursue our dreams, and chase the sun.