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My hope for this post is that you will be inspired by new and fresh ideas to help you with your diet! So help me if I hear another person say “drink more water” is a diet hack. I promise all of these tips are much more unique and hopefully something you haven’t heard a million times before! Whether you are in a weight loss phase or just trying to eat healthier, these ideas are for you and your diet! Let’s get right into the first diet hack!

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1. Choose 1 treat at the Grocery

If it’s in your home you will eat it!

You know this is true, so limit yourself to picking up just ONE treat each time you go to the grocery store (if you make weekly, biweekly, or monthly trips – NOT if you go every day or two!) and make that treat last.

For example, instead of getting a liter of soda and Oreos, pick up just the Oreos and make them last a week or two, by just having a few each day. Don’t go cold turkey and completely cut yourself off from your favorite treats but moderate your intake of these less than healthy foods.

Make it last you until the next grocery trip. Spread it out instead of binging on the entire thing in one night. Limiting unhealthy foods in the home is top priority!

7 diet hacks for weight loss and healthy eating

2. Remember, you can have more food tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be a new day!

This is great budgeting advice and you can think of your diet as a budget.

If you are dieting and counting calories and/or macros, your macros refresh tomorrow when you wake up so just put the peanut butter down and stop eating!

It may seem like you must have the food right now, but if you just go to sleep you will be happy you stopped eating and in the morning make yourself a wonderful breakfast to celebrate! You just stepped closer to your health and/or weight loss goals!

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3. Use smaller bowls, plates, and spoons for unhealthy foods

When you are eating treats and snacks that are either really high in calories, full of sugar, or highly processed it can be easy to go overboard and overeat!

7 diet hacks for weight loss and healthy eating

I find that using a small bowl makes it look like I get to eat a lot more ice cream than if I were to use a larger bowl!

When I use a large plate or bowl I feel the need to fill the space. If I am using a large spoon I eat larger amounts quicker and don’t feel as though I am eating very much food.

I have also been seen using my kids’ little spoons to make my treats go farther… Haha! Hey, if it works, it works!

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4. Plan ahead for parties and outings

Here’s the deal, the occasional night out with friends or party is NOT going to make you fat and derail your diet. What WILL derail your diet is throwing in the towel because you ate or drank too much at a party.

If you are choosing healthy options for your meals and snacks every day and not overeating during the week, you can enjoy the fun outings that come your way!

Most of these outings are planned, so if you know that you are going on a date tomorrow night, plan to have a really healthy and light breakfast and lunch, and then enjoy your date night! the next morning wake up and make yourself a healthy breakfast and keep on moving forward.

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5. View food as fuel

I used to see food as the enemy. It kept me from having abs. It made me feel sick. I was powerless at the smell of fresh bread or brownies.

When I began lifting weights, something started to slowly shift… I started to see food as a source of energy. It slowly turned into my colleague, I was working alongside my food choices to become stronger and more energetic.

This shift took time, it wasn’t overnight. I look back at the first year of my healthy self and the shift happened so slow I didn’t even realize it was happening until it had!

As I paid more attention to using food as fuel, I realized the foods that made me feel sick and learned to stay away from them. Food became something that made me feel good and grow strong, instead of the enemy that made my stomach hurt and made me groggy. This change in mindset was a game changer. 

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Give yourself time and focus on what you need to do to feel energized and well. Focus on what you need to eat to fuel your workouts so that you can become stronger!

If you struggle to eat enough protein check out my post about eating protein here!

6. Try an elimination diet if you struggle with feeling sick a lot!

My Story

I grew up feeling sick to my stomach ALL the time. I was also bloated ALL the time and therefore always felt like I was “fat” which I now look back and know was a big fat lie that I believed because I “felt fat”.

At some point, everyone started talking about “gluten”. A lot of people still make fun of the “gluten sensitive” and mock as if these people have a made up problem and are silly-stupid. I’ve sat and listened to people make fun of the gluten sensitive with my own ears.

I’ve tried to be somewhat hush-hush about it because of the mocking but I try to avoid wheat and/or gluten. I eat small amounts knowing I’ll feel sick after, especially if it means I would have to explain why I couldn’t eat something at the table. In these moments because of the ridicule I’ve listened to, I would rather not make a scene and suffer silently.

I never understood completely what made gluten come on the radar for those who don’t actually have Celiac’s Disease. But I am one of those that benefitted from the fact that it did.

The thing that the mockers don’t understand is that some of us have lived our lives in stomach pain and just coped. We didn’t even realize how bad we felt until we felt better and I can’t even believe I lived so long coping with the deleterious symptoms that I had.

My Solution

How did I come to this realization? I did an Elimination diet. I cut LOTS of foods from my diet and then introduced them back in one by one after several weeks. The day I introduced wheat/bread/gluten back into my diet, I thought I was going to die. I’m not even being dramatic. I felt so sick. Now I can still eat small amounts and not feel this terrible. But when I take it out completely and then eat a good amount it is extremely obvious to me that there is something wrong with how my body is processing these foods!

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You may not even realize how bad you feel, or maybe you do. The only way to know which food, or foods, trigger how you feel is to do this. It is well worth the work to know how good you can feel.

7. Try healthy substitutes

I know some of you just detest anything less than the full-fat rich chocolate with chunks ice cream or the real rich calorie dense version of any food but bear with me!

There are so many healthy substitutes on the market right now! Just go to Trader Joe’s if you don’t know what I’m talking about!

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Supplement ground turkey instead of ground beef in your chili or spaghetti.

Buy Turkey meatballs instead of beef or sausage. Buy beef sausage instead of pork. Cook with coconut oil. Use Zoodles (zucchini noodles), spaghetti squash, or spiralized butternut squash instead of pasta.

Even if you don’t love something like Cauliflower rice, consider mixing it with regular rice. I personally can’t taste it when they are mixed 1/2 and 1/2! You can cut the carbs and add valuable micronutrients.

I really hope you found these diet hacks useful and different from all of the advice floating around out there! There is a lot of information swirling around out there and I want to offer something different to help equip you with tools for living a fit life!


I have recently enjoyed essential oils in my water to help curb my crazy appetite between meals and it helps me so much! Try Grapefruit in your water, it is my Favorite! Here are my favorite essential oils that help with your metabolism and appetite control!

If you have any questions about essential oils please contact me or leave a comment!

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