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I’ve been working out 4-6 days a week, every week, since 2011. Does that sound terrible to you? Does it sound impressive? Are you thinking, “ME TOO!”?

How do I stay motivated to workout day in and day out, year after year?

So, I used to hate exercise. I love working out now, but I honestly didn’t enjoy it until I started lifting weights in 2011. If I had to force myself to do something I hated, I can guarantee you I wouldn’t be so consistent and being healthy is all about consistency.

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Exercise is now a part of my life and I can’t imagine dropping it. I actually look forward to my time at the gym most days and I enjoy it. So what motivates me and keeps me exercising every week?

Here are 5 things that keep me going to the gym

1. I care about how I look and that keeps me wanting to be healthy and active

I’m not going to lie and say I don’t care about my weight and measurements because I do!!

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This was what drove me to initially start working out. THE KEY is – this is NOT my only motivation. When I am very focused on exercising to look a certain way (ie. being lean, skinny, toned, ripped) I get VERY discouraged and bored with the gym.

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That’s why I rely on my other reasons, like reason NUMBER TWO!!

2. I ENJOY fitness

I find active things that I LOVE to do.

Years ago I thought I had to RUN for exercise and I HATED running! I thought I was doomed to never look fit because I hated running. But then I started lifting weights and found myself enjoying following a lifting program.

When I got sick of lifting alone in the gym I found Crossfit and that changed the game for me. The camaraderie, variety, and competition keep me coming back.

I now run sometimes and I don’t mind it so much!

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Yes, I do yoga but that’s not what I am talking about.

I’m a mom and life changes constantly. Hurdles are constantly in my way but I make it happen. I’m not tied to a really specific schedule and when unexpected things come my way I don’t let it discourage me.

If all else fails I can take the kids on a run in the jogging stroller (check out my post on my top 3 picks for jogging strollers here!)

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Just because I miss a few days in the gym because my kids are sick doesn’t mean I’m going to throw in the towel and give up.

I just get back to the gym when I can. If the day doesn’t go my way, I still try to find a way to get to the gym.

5 reasons I keep going to the gym

If you are super busy I have a post all about finding the time to workout! Check it out!

4. I’m focused on what I CAN do, not what I can’t do

During pregnancy and postpartum this was really important. The same goes for an injury.

There were plenty of things I couldn’t do during this time like jumping rope, and running (pelvic floor probs) so I focused on the things I could do.

Some days I would walk into the gym determined to squat and my low back would be killing me so I would switch to isolation machines for my hamstrings, quads, and glutes.

There have been many phases of life where I did home workouts because that’s all I could make happen, or I couldn’t afford a gym membership. I put on my favorite music and got it done! Here’s a post all about my favorite fitness gear and equipment. This is what I used for home workouts!

During my 2nd pregnancy, I didn’t do Crossfit very much but I did a lot of isolation bodybuilder style workouts and I very much enjoyed the change of pace and the difference it made in my physique.

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I’m now back to Crossfit after feeling burnt out while going to the gym alone and the community is extremely encouraging! I’m going with the flow of life.

5. I’m brave

It takes courage to try new things.

The first time you walk into a new gym is so scary! Especially a Crossfit gym! Yoga is intimidating. It’s hard to push yourself to sign up for things like Standup paddleboarding fitness for the first time.

But the things that take the most courage have the most payoff!

The first time I walked into a Crossfit gym, I turned around and walked right back out, immediately. I didn’t talk to anyone (now part of the problem was that this gym should have had someone to greet me but that’s not the point). I eventually overcame my insecurities and fears and I am now a Crossfit coach!

I really hope all of this inspires you to find something you love to do, be courageous, dive in, and stay consistent no matter what! Let me know in the comments below what keeps you going to the gym and if this sparked any ideas for you.

If you need some tips on what fitness equipment and accessories to buy check out my fit gear page! I’ve accumulated some favorite items and I love sharing what I love with others! Check it out now!