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I’m back with another beginner blogging update!

I have SO much to catch you up on that I am going to really try and focus.

Beginner Blogging Update

How I Went From 15-1500 Blog Views in 2 Weeks

First I want to update you on the things I am learning and doing on my blog.

Then I want to share with you how my first viral pins happened.

I went from around 15-35 daily views (and just barely hit 1000 views in October) to getting my first viral pin (that brought in 1359 views on November 4, and my 2nd viral pin that brought in 1569 views on November 13).

My views are now sitting steadily around 100-200 views per day.

I started getting serious about my blog in September when I purchased the Create and Go Launch Your Blog course. I decided to purchase a self-hosted blog through Siteground (after tons of research I opted for Siteground instead of Bluehost because of many complaints about Bluehost) and started my blog in July but I was lost until I bought the Launch Your Blog course! Through this course, I redesigned and relaunched my blog and finally began to get views and make money!

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Next, I purchased Create and Go’s Start a Money Making Blog Course so that I could learn to monetize my blog. I set up ads, started with affiliate marketing, and got my Pinterest up and running.

I needed help with getting traffic but I thought I was done spending money until I started making it and I hadn’t made any money yet.

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But then the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit happened. The deal was too good to pass up. Tons and tons of important blogging courses on various topics for only $99. This was one of the best purchases I could have made. In the course I immediately discovered several courses and bonuses that I loved!

My top 3 products so far have been

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how I got my first viral pin beginner blogging update computer blog coffee phone

How My Pins went Viral and Boosted my traffic from 15 views to 1569 views.

When I read about other newbie bloggers getting tons of traffic I am in disbelief. Or I WAS in disbelief. But then it happened to me.

When I started using the Tailwind scheduling tool I was clueless about how to get significant traffic from Pinterest.

Then one day I woke up to 300 views on my blog by 8 am and climbing!

The night before I had done a few things on Pinterest and on Tailwind and apparently I did something right!

The 3 basic steps I took to finally get my pins seen on Pinterest and a huge boost in blog traffic

  • Make attractive but simple pins for Pinterest
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I quickly realized making pins should not take me forever and the best pins have an attractive picture and very easy to read text. All of my pins have the same simple format and I just change the words and the picture. It takes me 5 minutes tops to make a pin!

  • Join Tailwind Tribes and Pinterest Group Boards

I hear different things about group boards but I have found them to be pivotal as a new blogger. I don’t have many of my own followers on Pinterest. In order for my pins to be seen on Pinterest, I need bigger pinners to pin my pins (Tailwind Tribes serves this purpose). I also need my pins on group boards which have a lot of followers.

This is the main thing that I did to go viral. A few of my pins caught the eye of bigger pinners. They were repinned by these pinners. This resulted in a TON more eyes on my pins and a LOT of clicks onto those blog posts!

The best piece of advice I heard was to find the big bloggers on Pinterest that I follow and apply to be in the group boards they are collaborators on. This worked for me!

It took time to apply to a TON of group boards. Even though just a few of them accepted me it was worth the time I invested!!!

  • Check your analytics and replicate the process for viral pins
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I checked my Jetpack, Pinterest, and Tailwind analytics to figure out which pins got the most clicks to my blog and I replicate the feels of those pins in my new ones!

I have found that certain pictures worked better than others and I use that knowledge to continue to get more clicks on my pins!

Have I made any Money?

I am so excited to announce that I made my first Amazon Affiliate sales! I also made a small amount on google ads. All together I’ve made $8.38 in ad income and $3.22 from Affiliate sales. A big win for me was making an affiliate sale on Amazon so that I can stay in the program!

I also scored my first sponsored product which retails for $85 so I saved myself from spending money and I began my first relationship with a company (thanks to How to Work with Brands and Make Money by Jessie on a Journey)!!

Overall, I’m excited to see my blog moving forward and growing. I’m excited to continue putting out helpful content and to improve my blogging overall. My biggest concern right now is getting the best information possible to my audience and to grow that audience so I can have a bigger positive impact. I do feel like I am still niching down but my goals are becoming clearer and clearer to me as I progress!

Thanks for checking in, more exciting updates to come I am sure! XOXO, Jax