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I am a mom of two sweet boys! They were born 19 months apart and they are becoming fast friends!

When I found out I was pregnant with my first boy in July 2015 I scoured the internet for information on working out during pregnancy.

There was not very much information out there… I found a few boards where women had commented on their own experiences, but that was it.

Now there is way more information and lots of women are working out through pregnancy! It is VERY exciting to see! I worked out until delivery day, literally… 6 weeks postpartum in March 2016 I started back into working out and 10 months later I started my pregnancy journey with my next son finding out January 2017! Happy New Year! =)

I worked out again all the way until delivery day, again literally! HAHA! 6 weeks later I started my workouts back up (I did yoga and breathing/core work before then!)

I made a few videos during my second pregnancy and shared them on Youtube… They are below and you can check out my Youtube channel, Jax Fit Life, for more videos of my life as a mom, fitness things, and other lifestyle videos!

Thanks, XOXO ~Jax