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How to Shop at Aldishop at aldi eat healthy on a budget

1. Bring your own bags

Aldi sells bags for a small price, it’s how they keep their costs low but I LOVE my huge tote.

This one is very similar to what I use.

I’m obsessed with only making one trip from car to house after the grocery, can I get an “amen”?! So this bag is PERFECT. Comment below if you are the same! Ha!

I use my huge tote and one insulated bag I got at Trader Joes.

You can get it on Amazon here! 

2. Bring a quarter for your cart!

shop at aldi eat healthy on a budget

Before you enter the store you place your quarter in the cart to release it from the others and when you are finished you replace your cart and receive your quarter back.

If I catch my husband using my Aldi quarter for the bubblegum machine so help me!!! Here’s some cute keychain quarter holders to ensure nobody uses your Aldi quarter!! HAHA! Check them out on Amazon!

My personal favorite is the leather one!

This is just another way Aldi keeps costs down by not having to pay an employee to retrieve carts!

Plus, you also don’t have to worry about a rogue cart hitting your car in the parking lot! Am I right?

3. Aldi is small and compact

My favorite thing about Aldi is that I can complete my bi-weekly grocery shopping trip in 30 minutes without tons of impulse buys. Try to not act amazed, I dare you.

you’re welcome

If I go to any other store it takes me an hour at the least to meander my way through the store and I end up spending tons of money on unplanned purchases!!

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Me at Wal mart, “Oh, a pineapple beach towel! I need that. Wait, let me just check the organizational container aisle… Oh I was thinking about getting some new nail polish.”

Me at Kroger, “Where is the peanut butte… oh cinnamon toast crunch! Pop tarts? Wait, I need more coffee… There’s a Starbucks! I forgot the milk! It’s ALL the way in the back!”

4. Aldi does NOT have one million CHOICES

At most, they have two options if that. Many of their foods are Aldi’s own personal brands and you don’t have to wonder which product is the best deal because all of their products are GREAT deals.

5. Aldi carries organic products

Organic is a must for many and Aldi understands this, therefore, they now carry MANY organic products.

They also carry Almond milk, gluten-free products and many other specialty items.

If you are interested in seeing some of the products I purchase at Aldi check out one of my YouTube videos all about shopping at Aldi!

6. Aldi Carries Gluten Free Products

Several years ago I did an Elimination Diet and discovered that gluten was the culprit behind my terrible stomach aches! I love that Aldi carries a line of Gluten Free products for those of us that struggle with eating gluten!

7. Aldi has special buys every week

Check out Aldi’s specialty items here on their website. They change every week! I’ve gotten many toys for my kids, cute clothes for myself believe it or not, and home items!

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If you haven’t signed up for my 25 Day Fit Life Challenge, it’s free! Check it out now!

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8. Aldi carries baby products that I LOVE!

Aldi’s diapers and wipes are GREAT quality and they have see-through baby food pouches and formula for half the price of most stores! We use ALL of their baby products!

9. Checkout is very fast!

These cashiers know what they are doing! Have you ever been at Wal Mart standing in line behind people with FULL carts and it’s moving at a snail’s pace, and you’re thinking what in the world is this cashier doing? If you’ve been to Wal Mart you know what I’m talking about.

NOT at ALDI! HA! These cashiers are here to get their job done and they fly!

Now one reason they push people through the line so fast is that there are 2 expectations for customers…

a. BE READY -get that stuff out of your cart and onto the belt and be ready to whip your cart around.

b. BAG your own stuff. The cashier *carefully* throws your items into your cart (don’t worry they never break anything) and you then take your cart to the wall to bag your own items. If you’re bougie and used to Trader Joe’s checkout you may be too good for this but hey, I’m on a budget so I can’t afford to be bougie 😉 Really, what’s the big deal? I’m going to stop before this becomes a full blown soap box…

10. Be prepared to NOT spend as much money as you think you will

It never fails, when I check out at places like Target and Kroger I am shocked at the amount of money when I see my total, in a bad way. In a very bad way.

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But be prepared to be shocked when you hear your amount at Aldi, in a GOOD way! A very good way! This may sound cheesy but I’m seriously shocked at how little I’ve spent every time I finish checking out at Aldi!

Aldi is one of the most underrated grocery stores, therefore I feel the need to share with you how great of a savings it is for really great quality products!

Thank you for taking the time to hear why I LOVE shopping at Aldi! Also, I love hearing about budgeting tips so if you have any please leave them in the comments below! Let me know if you try Aldi out and what you think of it!


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